Value chain

TAURON Group is one of Poland’s largest enterprises and one of the leading energy holding companies in Central and Eastern Europe. 

The Group is operating in all of the main segments of the energy market, controlling the entire value chain – from hard coal mining to the supply of electricity to end customers. The Group’s vertical integration, including access to its own hard coal resources and control over its own generation, enhances the stability of its revenues and margins.

TAURON Polska Energia SA Capital Group - integrated value chain 

20% of Polish recoverable thermal hard coal resources

2 hard coalmines

  • Hard coal production 5.5 mln tons

No. 2 electricity generator in Poland

6 hard coal PPs

  • Total capacity: 4.7 GWe / 1.5 GWt
  • Electricity generation: 17.6 TWh
  • Heat generation: 7.2 PJ
4 combined heat and power plants
  • Total capacity: 0.4 GWe / 1.9 GWt
  • Electricity generation: 1.2 TWh
  • Heat generation: 8.4 PJ

4 wind farms

  • Total capacity: 183 MW

35 hydroelectric power plants

  • Total capacity: 135 MW

18.3% of Poland’s territory

  • 47.9 TWh of electricity distributed
  • 261 thousand km of distribution lines

No. 1 electricity distributor and supplier in Poland

5.3 mln customers

  • 41.3 TWh of electricity sold to end customers
Rys. Grupa Kapitałowa TAURON Polska Energia SA - zintegrowany łańcuch wartości